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Full service Orthodontist

In office Full service Orthodontist, exclusively using invisalign

Introducing Evenly Orthodontics

Lanham Family Dental now offers invisalign treatment at our office provided by Evenly Orthodontics. Evenly has treated more than 20,000 patients with invisalign and your treatment will be managed by the Nation’s leading invisalign Orthodontics.

Time lapse video of Evenly Patient Treatment Cycle

The Most Advanced Orthodontic Treatment

Straighter teeth in as little as 3 months with Evenly’s expert, orthodontist-directed Invisalign treatment.


Advanced digital tech guarantees results


Remote management with Evenly mobile app


World leaders in Invisalign orthodontics


Easy monthly payments, 0% financing

All Day Aligners

At-Night Aligners

Your Perfect Smile in 3 Easy Steps

We are world renowned experts in clear aligner orthodontics. Our orthodontists monitor your entire treatment from start to finish. Our doctors, technology and expertise guarantee successful results.

The Evenly Guarantee

We guarantee your smile for life. If, at anytime after completing your evenly treatment, your smile moves out of alignment, we will help you get it back at no cost!

Can Invisalign® work for you?

The Evenly Orthodontics and Invisalign Benefits

There are Invisalign® success stories for all kinds of cases. For the most part, Invisalign® can correct problems with overcrowding, spacing, and crooked teeth. After consulting with Dr. George, she will let you know if Invisalign® is right for you.

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